1 Vegetables (26)

£1.50 500 g
£1.20 500 g
£3.50 ea
£2.20 ea
£1.95 750 g
£2.00 ea
£1.30 ea
£1.40 100 g
£2.80 ea
£2.50 500 g

Bakery (27)

£2.25 ea
£13.00 ea
£2.25 ea
£1.85 ea
£2.95 ea

Good quality, reasonable variety and local where possible. It's nice knowing a week in advance what's going to be in the box, so that meals can be planned and to avoid waste. No problems with substitutions.

— Jo K

Great veg, which is mostly organic and locally grown. Friendly team and reliable delivery and the account is easy to manage online. What more could you wish for?

— Karen Caws

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